About Us

About us

Dawaaimart is an virtual medical store that aims at providing you ease and original medicines along with an every lasting set of services. We aim to satisfy our customers with our customer centered approach and plan to introduce more services as per our customer’s requirements.

Why us?

Dawaaimart is not just a virtual medical store, it’s an complete solution to all your medical needs. We at dawaaimart try to provide you with more than expected set of services including: management of all possible drugs, recommendations for alternatives brands, health tips and much more.

Why trust dawaaimart?

Dawaaimart takes medicine directly from the manufacturing companies or either from their authorized dealers to ensure the originality of the provided medicines along with reasonable rates.

How dawaaimart will make your life easy?

Dawaaimart provides you with an easy to use online platform to order medicines without having any hustle and with the option of home delivery, office delivery or even at your own medical store. You can also find medicines on dawaaimart mart that are not easily available on normal medical stores. And dawaaimart lets you decide how you want to make payment of your purchases, so it is basically a service that revolves around you.

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